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Söders Starter Package - Perch Crayfish in the group Lures / Lure Kits at (SOKRPAK1)

Söders Starter Package - Perch Crayfish

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Craw Fatty JR

Chigger Craw

Yriel Craw


Offset Hook

Link Head/Cheburashka

Triple S

Bullet Weight



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Do you live near a lake with lots of crayfish? Then this is the package for you! Here you will find everything you need to fish for perch with crayfish imitations on several different rigs. All in one box, where everything fits together and with our favourite baits.
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In this package you will find everything to present our favorite crawfish baits on Texas, Carolina, Jika-Rig, Cheburashka and stand-up!

CreCraw and Chigger Craw make a lot of vibrations, as well as movement in the water. While the Craw Fatty and Yriel Craw are slightly more subtle.

All of the baits work on all kinds of rigs, so the choice depends more on what the perch are craving for the day. If you know you'll be fishing a bit deeper, or if you're interested in fishing primarily Carolina rigs, we recommend choosing a heavier Bullet Weight. This is because the higher weight will help you keep the bait at the bottom. We usually fish the Carlolina with a 30-40cm long leader between the sinker and the hook. A longer leader can make casting a little more difficult, but is sometimes what it takes to get the drill to bite!

Texas rigs are wicked hot when fishing in vegitation. If the grass is really thick, we recommend choosing a heavier weight to really get through the grass and reach the bottom. We also recommend using a float stop in front of the bullet weight if there is a lot of grass, it reduces the chance of getting stuck.

If you are fishing where there is a really high chance of getting stuck, in anything other than just grass, we recommend trying a Cheburashka Rig. This technique allows you to fish just like with a regular jig, with small jumps. Another option is to drag the crayfish along the bottom. Because the bait is not attached to the weight, the risk of the fish getting loose is reduced and the presentation is more natural.

If you are fishing where there are alot of stones, or if you want to present the bait where there is a lot of sediment on the bottom (crayfish baits work great even in water where there are no crayfish), we recommend you try it on the Jika Rig. You rig a Jika Rig by simply attaching your hook to the bait lock, and then hanging pear lead in the same bait lock. With this rig, the bait is presented unfixed from the weight and can move more freely. The bait also doesn't sink into all the sediment on the bottom, and it's easier to pry free when you're stuck among rocks. Another advantage is that this rig always falls vertically on slack line. Other rigs have a tendency to swing towards the boat/fisherman. This way you can present the bait closer to the structures.

The third shell is a Stand-Up presentation. With the Triple S head you can get the Crayfish to stand up in a defensive position.  The V-shaped head also makes it easy to get through grass, and we'd say it's hard to get stuck at all with a Triple S skull.

An additional little tip for all of these techniques is to not be afraid to go up in weight of the sinker/jig head. When fishing with crayfish immitation, it can often be advantageous to fish close to the bottom.  A heavier weight makes it easier to maintain bottom contact.
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