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Picasso Lures Tungsten Knocker in the group Lures / Chatterbaits & Bladed Jigs at (PI-38PTKF21r)

Picasso Lures Tungsten Knocker

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Picasso Lures breaks new ground with Tungsten Knocker: The high-quality chatter bait is based on a tungstenjig, which means: high weight with low volume.
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As a result, the bait goes deeper faster and looks a little more stylish than other chatterbaits in the same weight class. Because tungsten is significantly harder than lead, Tungsten Knocker from Picasso Lures provides very good feedback when jigging at the bottom. The jig's football shape ensures that the bait does not tip over to the side on the bottom and always rests on the bottom with the hook pointing upwards. The Gamakatsu hook in size 6/0 has a wire keeper and can also withstand large fish. Tungsten Knocker is ideal when fishing for pike, zander, bass and large perch!
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