The Astro Vibe Colorado Blade is a vibrating blade bait with a Colorado spoon at the back in several hot colours. A viblure that's a given in the hunt for perch during the summer!


The Astro Vibe Colorado Blade is a super-efficient, innovative blade bait with a fluttering Colorado blade at the back that is irresistible to hungry bass. The Astro Vibe Colorado Blade also has rattle balls inside to make a big fuss underwater despite its petite body. With its UV-coated body, the bait is visible in deeper water, making it suitable for fishing far below the surface when cranking it slowly, and during faster invections you'll cover large bodies of water at around 2 metres.
  • Sizes: 4.5 cm, 10g and 5.5 cm, 17g
  • Hooks included
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Lure length: 4,5 cm , 5,5 cm
Weight: 10 g , 17 g

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